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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
3:28 pm
fuck these fake hoes.
think your fun
youre scene right?
bullshit go eat dick bitch

go do some drugs

cause you know thats scene

you do whatever it takes to be scene

thats fucking sad.

your 15 go to school and stop fucking up shit with the closest thing to a real friend that you have.

they think youre annoying and ugly.

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
1:09 pm
I'm on Allisons and Savannahs Hate list!
two faced bitches.

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
10:36 pm
just to let all you fucking sluts know

katherine elaine peachey


my bestest friend.


current mood: crazy

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
12:05 am




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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
10:18 pm
Friends only like a bitch.
Comment if you want to be added.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
1:32 pm

I finally see the real you.

Not the boy behinde his moms leg.

But the boy standing there angery cause his life goes wrong.

You could have it all but you rather focus on the past.

If your still focusing on the past your future will end up being everything you hated.

Never move on.

Let's fall into the eyes of the world and see what we are.


We are nothing.

But that's better than being something.

Cause then we'd have to live up to it.

And sometimes life it's self isn't worth living.

But what the hell do I know.

current mood: awake
Friday, April 16th, 2004
11:06 pm - Heartless.
It seems my loneliest hour is when no one calls
so I sleep
So I can dream of places beyond this glass box
This glass box has turned into my shattered heart.
You have broken my heart.
This time your rubber glue won't work.
It's for good.
My heart has been shattered and given to each of you.
You hold some part of me.
Blow it out of your hands and mold it back together.
maybe it'll work.
of course it won't work.
You've broken it too much.
Now you must throw it away.
Maybe play with it till theres nothing left.
After all I am just a girl walking about heartless.
Like you.

By:malia page

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6:25 pm - Every man has his day to die.
Yesturday I hung out with Ashleigh and Nikki.Man I miss those days of going to the mall and spending all your money.And having a blast.We went to rave and they convinved me to buy this skirt.Oh lord.Then we ran around then they convinced me to put it on.Hey i'm up for a challenge.So I do things I don't really like all the time.So we try on all these clothes and only get something small.Then at the end of our 2 hour shopping run around spree we went and took pictures.Man those sucked but it was alot of fun.Ashleigh and I are going again tomorrow and getting me a shirt or that skirt and some shoes and maybe more.BUT FUCK tomday I babysat and I don't miss babysitting at all.I might work at kellys.Ew.Then Jessie came home after Cody took my advice and I dyed her hair.After I took a shower.Perfect.I think Megan and I are going to the movies.WOO.I feel like shooting myself.Then in the end hate that I did.Just because thats how I work.I do something then I hate myself for doing it.Like Babysitting.8am-5pm for NOTHING.THIS IS STUPID.I know I was trying to be nice about it but damn.I had a headache,was tired and the kid wouldn't sit down or shut up.I give up.

current mood: blank

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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
9:16 am - Say hello to the shrinking in your head.You can't see it but you know it's there.Don't neglect it.

Have you ever notice what a waste you are?


Tuesday Megan picked me up and we went to destin and had a blast.Got milk shakes from jonney rockets.They were GOOD.Then just walked around.Then came home and Called Felicia and Ashleigh to give directions.Then Jeff came over and went straight to the t.v.Megan and I were starving so we ordered a pizza and then everyone started arriving.Then Jeff took us to rent movies.Then watched 1 of them then Megan left.Tehn Felicia and Finally Jeff.So Ashleigh and I watched the other one.Ha it was weird.Really.Then we woke up and watched t.v and ate breakfest.Then scottie got out so we were outside for 10minutes.Then went back to watching t.v.Then at 4 she left and I took a shower and went to church only to have a HUGE migrane and come back home 10 minutes later.Then passed out 5 minutes after that.

Today I have to wait for Nikki to call me.Hang out with her for alittle then maybe call up some kids. 678-9946

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
9:25 am



umm....yeah...that's a commuinty.Felicia and I made.Join it.

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8:09 am - I want to be ready for what you do.Cause i don't know when your going to make your move.

Last night was the Anti Jill meeting.It went well..

Felicia and I watched Thirteen.It was good.

Then we turned on some jumpy dance music and danced like we knew how to.It was fun.We got pictures.Then did shit for our community.

Then I talked to trvis.Yes,Travis and I talked.Haha.It was good.Then I passed out only to wake up 30minutes later.

Then talked to Aarron.

Passed out.

Woke up this morning and then just went back to bed.Then my dogs woke me up.So here I am.Talking to Chris.He's a cool guy.

Does anyone want to hang out today?

give me a ring. 678-9946

current mood: cold

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
1:04 pm
I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

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8:14 am - You're a dream to me.

Saturday-Cleaned and moawed the lawn.Then my mom and I took a microwave to her friend.And we saw these two old red necks fighting it was hilarious.Then rented sylvia and duplix.Duplix was stupid.Sylivia was great of course.My favoriaite poet usually has good shit.Then hang out with Jessie,Liz and Chanye.

Sunday-Woke up to breakfest smells.Then ate and did easter crap.Then went to kmart then went to codys.Then cody,Jessie and I went and got Wes and Brian.Then we went back to his house for a while.Then went to Wendys.After all of that I went to Jill's and Felicia,Jill and I had a easter egg haunt.It was fun.Then around 6 Sean came and picked me up and would of watched Spinal Tap but he forgot the movie and just brought the case..haha.Then we decided to just watch the Family Guy.Then he went hoem around 8.Then Beth invited me to go out to Destin till 1. So Callie and Ronney picked us up and we went to Sonic and then played pool then went around the commons to see if anyone important was there.No one was. so we went back to niceville and drove around then they dropped us off and we pass out.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
11:53 pm

I have a new journal.



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11:16 pm - Lost as if we knew who we were.

We are all halfs lost and looking for our other half.
So if one day we do find our other half we can live life.Until then life as it to us is pitty to them.Them who have been whole.Those who have found their other half.But sooner or later your tired of being happy.Happyness runs out after a while.Like a river.Sooner or later the drought will come.So we pull ourselves away from our other half.Then feel what they felt before.Like we are negitives.People walking around with nothing behinde their eyes.Just zombies woundering about till we flee back to our other half.Then we will experiance real life.The meaning of life is to be whole.Find our half and do what we do best.Live life as it is.But you defind what life is for you.Not what others defind it for you.You chose to be the way you are.Besides your ethnic backrounds.Your mind,you knowledge,you spirit.It all relize on you. and what you do with it.You want to be sad.Then you are.You make yourself into who you are.You are your own choice whether it's life or death you choose it's up to you.I say it's not intirerly selfish for a person to clam to suicide after all some come into the world unwillingly.Then life just becomes too hard.And their falling and you ignorant humans can't do a thing but stare.Even though your aware.So aren't and are taken by shock.But again their falling and your hand is no where to be found.I'm dieing inside.It's not my choice.I've been screaming wihtout a voice,carrying on without a thought.Leaving my body to rot.Your body is nothing but an appearance.It's the soul,mind,and spirit that lives on.But ignorance has taken over the earth.And is sucked into humans like the last cigarette my grandmother will smoke.Now it's living for an appearance.What are we living for?Looks?Everyone has forgotten the reason we live for.And that is to find each other.To teach,to help and to make choices only we can make.i can't make the choice for you.You can't make the choice for me.We all have become blind can't you see?Fighting and yelling at each other as if we were a bunch of dogs fighting over dinner.The poor doesn't understand because you have yet to teach them.The rich have yet to realize the money is just paper.It's nothing.Just another thing people become ignorant over.Why can't people just open their eyes to the real world.Maybe then when people talk about peace they will know what they are talking about,When people talk about living,dieing and suicide they will know what they are talking about.But until then.We are the Negitives.We are the Zombies walking about with nothing behinde our eyes.And our eyes closed.

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7:40 am
Last night Cody dropped Jill and I off at the Commons.It was ok.We saw the who wanted to give Jill a birthday kiss there.He had some hott pants on.Then we dropped off Jill and Cody,Brian,Liz,And Jessie talked alittle then made Daquiris.Today I'm going to go play soccer with Beth then I might hang out with Jill and Sarah.

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Friday, April 9th, 2004
4:34 pm
Today My Mom woke me up and asked how I was getting to school and I didn't know so I asked if I could just sleep in till she had to go to work.But then we just decided for me to stay home.Then 3 hours later Beth wakes me up and tells me to get dressed.We went and got Callie and went to her house then ate and filled up gas tanks.Then headed over to the Boardwalk.Did I mention COPS FUCKING SUCK?! yes atleast the ones in Crestveiw.They asked us so many questions.So when I go back to school if he called Deputy Patrick then were going to get yelled at.Oh well.Really what can they do I wasen't there all day?!At the beach we met up with Danny and a bunch of people.It was fun we played beach volley ball,then walked around.Then got Sonic and went home and played soccer and "street volleyball" haha.Anna is coming over in alittle.Then we have to figure out if Felicia,Jill and I are going to the commons or whatnot.I got a bit crisp.Cody,Brian and Jessie made Shells so I'm going to go eat.Then figure out everything.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
6:23 pm - Once my lover now my friend.
So today I hear I use alot of "vulgar language" so now I must strive to use it.And to my surprise Red stook up for me when someone was talking about me to Jade.Pretty sad when you're once good friend doesn't stick up for you but his friend does.Red is cool for that.
Today I came home and scrubbed my walls then took a shower.Then Jessie,Cody and Brian came over and ate pizza.Then Jessie and I went to Cj's to hang out with him and Alix.Then we shot off bottle rockets only to have one burn my jacket :(.Then we dropped off Alix and Jenny's house and went to church for maybe 20 minutes then left.Now Jessie and Cj are painting and causing Chaos in the house cause it smells.

You have my heart so Don't hurt me.

current mood: confused

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1:16 pm - My life is changing everyday in every possiable way.

Yesturday I rearranged my room.

One thing off of my list.Then I Called Felicia and went over to Coltens house.We watched Colten sing and play the Bass.Then made a little love.Then went to McyD's then to the skate park took a few pictures then Jessie picked me up and we watched the new osbornes.

Today I have to scub my walls so tomorrow I can watch Pochinois with Jill.Then maybe hang out with Megan.Then go to the Commons Friday then Interveiw at Kelly's saturday Then Sunday is Easter I think I'm going to Mississippi Monday.I might not go cause Nikki Bash is coming down and will be here around Wednesday.So I'm hanging out with her Thursday I think.Then I'm painting my walls.And Sean said he would draw his Robot on my wall again.But I might just get him to draw it on paper,sign it then frame it.

Well since today is Wacky Wednesday I have to go get pizza.

current mood: restless

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Monday, April 5th, 2004
6:16 pm - It's easy.Let it go.

Sunday was fun.I drove and then went and ate at Ryan's.Then went to Wal-Mart and got Daquiri mix.Then went to my uncles sisters house and visited cousins and talked.Then went home and slept.

Today I cleaned when I got home then Jessie called wanting me to go to Shailmar with her.So I did.Then we dropped off Cody and got Shakes and Hambergers at Sonic.Then went into this creepy old store where they followed us like we were about to steal.Then we sat and sang in the car till Cody came.Then we went to Liz's house and watched Texas ChainSawl Massicure.So after that we talked about the movie then grabbed a piece of pizza and left.


Things I have to do this Week.

-Scrub my walls.(people drew on them)

-Fill in the holes from where the tac's used to be.

-Move my room around.

-Clean it

Then Friday or Saturday I'm going to Mississippi.For a week I think.So I have to prepare for that too.

Then by my Sisters Graduation all of that has to be done plus I have to paint my walls.So Jill....Felicia.....Jessie...want to help?



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